How to Correctly Design and Build a Kitchen

Kitchens are becoming the focal point of our homes, and it is where we gather with our friends and family. No longer throwing all the necessary equipment in your kitchen and calling it a day is considered an acceptable design. A bespoke kitchen will grab the attention of your friends and family and give your home a stylish and sophisticated touch. Here is how to get the best kitchen design in London:

The Colour Scheme

The difference between a professionally designed kitchen and an amateurishly designed one almost solely depends on how you use colour throughout your kitchen: a uniform dark colour scheme will give off an expensive and refined look, while you can use a complementary light colour scheme to accentuate your kitchen’s better and more expensive furniture. Don’t worry if the choices are too overwhelming, not everyone has an eye for colour, and if you want a complete renovation, you’re advised to hire a professional designing team.


A dimly and ununiformly lit kitchen will only cause depression and annoyance, and you’ll be embarrassed to call over your friends and family. You should make sure your kitchen gets plenty of light, and if you want a natural atmosphere, the best way to get it is to install a garden or a bay window, which, aside from the lighting, are a great source of ventilation and clean air.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are where you keep your utensils, pots, and other kitchenwares – if you want your kitchen to be easy to use and navigate, you have to focus on the cabinets. Whether it is Shaker, Louvered, or custom kitchen cabinets, you must ensure you have enough space to keep everything you own. You should also make sure you don’t clutter your kitchen and make it have a stifling air. If your kitchen doesn’t have common measurements, and its layout is unique, a custom cabinet that is made to measure up to the kitchen’s design is the most appropriate.


Largely dependant on how big is your kitchen and how do you plan on using it, there are three common kitchen types:

  • Gallery layout: in this design, you separate the cooking area and the cleaning area of your kitchen into two separate disconnected compartments, this is famous in restaurants mostly, but if you have a large kitchen where you invite a lot of people over, you can take advantage of this layout’s superior space and flexibility.
  • L-shaped layout: if space is your greatest concern, you should go with this layout. Laying out your cabinets in an L shaped design helps save location and fit more kitchenware into your limited space. Its drawback is that it isn’t the most stylish, and it doesn’t work well with big spaces.
  • U-shaped layout: the middle ground between a gallery layout and an L shaped layout, if you have a medium-sized kitchen or your biggest concern is flexibility and ease of use, a U-shaped kitchen will be perfect for you.